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My Apologies

            First and foremost, let me start by apologizing for being absence from my website for the better part of two years. When I first launched this website in June 2018, I had every intention of maintaining an active blog and updating the site with new material, content, ideas, concepts, and thoughts on at least a monthly basis (if not more frequent). Well, here we are almost two years later, and I’m finally getting around to posting a second blog (so better late than never I guess).

            I won’t bother or bore you to death with the specific reasons for my absence but I will let you know that at a macro level, two primary factors were in play that consumed my attention and time. First, I’ve been actively supporting over a dozen dynamic and rapidly growing small businesses in the capacity of a fractional or part-time CFO. This responsibility is challenging enough during a normal economic environment but throw in the events of the last 90+ days including the impact of Covid-19 and the unprecedented responses undertaken by the Federal Government and the majority of the world’s central banks (lead by the FED in the USA), along with the more recent BLM protests & demonstrations, and it goes without saying that we’ve gone from Defcon 5 to Defcon 1 in record time.

Second and just like about everyone else, the endless ebb and flow of political and economic news & reports, ranging from being real, trustworthy, and informative to complete and utter BS has flooded the digital “airwaves” (through the continued proliferation of social media and ever expanding pool of websites) requiring even more scrutiny by business professionals and owners attempting to make some sense of the current madness (including myself). So, I have finally wised up and decided to pivot my business model this year and dedicate more energy & resources towards helping businesses & professionals navigate the current economic environment and hopefully, just maybe, provide a smattering of sound and sane accounting, financial, and strategic business advise in what often appears in today’s environment, to be complete and total chaos. 

Starting today and proceeding weekly, I will be updating my blog under the page titled Tips and Tidbits. Initially and for at least the next five weeks, I will be focused on addressing various macro-economic issues, trends, risks, events, and related topics, and how they are impacting businesses across the country. To give you a flavor of the topics coming down the pipe, here’s the lineup!

  • A Fork in the Road (06/17/20): Is this the final heyday of capitalism and are the proper decisions being made (albeit extremely painful, let the dogs fail and the strong survive)?
  • Jurassic Plaza (06/24/20): The two most powerful economic forces colliding – Adam’s Smith Invisible Hand and free markets versus central/concentrated planning, guidance, and governance.
  • Central Banks, The New Villain in Town (07/01/20): Understanding their power, limitations, and ACE monetary policy (i.e., abundance, cost, and ease of capital).
  • Debt, More Debt, & Drowning in Debt (7/08/20): Appropriate versus speculative use and can you fix a debt problem by adding more debt (yeah, I don’t think so)?
  • Let the Dead Die, the Ill Recover, and the Strong Grow (7/15/20): The process of creative destruction is both healthy and needs to constantly occur, and it is in overdrive in today’s economy.

After covering these macro-level topics, I will return to my primary objective with content and blogs focused on providing real businesses with real advice directed towards real accounting, financial, and strategic business matters. In the meantime, I hope you find the coming weeks blogs informative and if nothing else, useful in the capacity of a sounding board when trying to make sense of the new economic world and order (we all find ourselves in, by choice or circumstance).


  1. Jason

    Looking forward to this!

    • tagetracy

      Thanks Jason. Appreciate the help.

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