What We Do

Translate Complex Financial and Accounting Topics & Concepts into Simple & Easy to Use Business Tools Everyone can Understand and Apply to Improve Your Business Management Skills

How We Do it

Seminars and Webinars: Easily accessed, efficiently structured for improved learning & retention, and designed for today’s e-everything business world, the goal with our mobile knowledge is to condense critical financial & accounting topics from our bestselling books into a series of 3 mobile friendly learning clusters covering Financial Basics, The Big “3” Financial Statements, and Financial Tools & Analyzes to Improve Business Results. Cluster one (consisting of two modules) is free to any requesting party and all three clusters come with test my knowledge quizzes including answer proofs.

Bestselling Books: With five book titles generating over 350,000 copies sold, covering everything from understanding the basics of financial reports, to mastering financial statements, to improving cash flow, to deciphering the opaque language of “Accounting”, we offer extensive subject matter expertise across a wide range of real world and theoretical topics. E-books or traditional hard/soft versions, free Excel worksheets (upon request), used by educational institutions for advanced learning, and an audience that spans the globe, our books offer something for everyone.

Our Blog – No Punches Pulled: Our blog offers real world tips, tidbits, and tasks that can be applied and utilized by businesses of all shapes, sizes, and structure in a real-time fashion. Updated semi-monthly, we tackle a wide range of issues stretching from discussing everyday practical business tools and concepts to helping translate macro level economic matters and how they may impact your business.

On-site Seminars & Training: Upon request, we can design, develop, and deliver uniquely prepared financial and accounting content specifically targeted for your business. Our goal, as always, is focused on educating non-financial professionals, managers, and the like on improving their knowledge of financial and accounting topics. However, and as we’ve found on various occasions, it never hurts to include your accounting and financial professionals in these “refresher course” sessions.