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Years ago, back before the start of the Great Recession in 2007 and just after the infamous meltdown of the early 2000’s, my dad reached out and presented me with an opportunity to expand my horizons via combining our unique talents. At that moment, he channeled his inner Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brando in the Godfather and “Made me an offer I couldn’t refuse”.

The offer was quite simple as with my dad recently entering retirement after teaching for 35+ years at the University of Colorado, along with having a long and distinguished writing career, he was looking for a “wing man” to provide additional support on the writing front. Further, knowing that I had extensive experience in the private sector supporting the entrepreneurial business environment with executive level financial, accounting, and strategic business planning matters (since 1993), a wonderful opportunity was presented to combine his deep accounting knowledge (at the academia level) with my direct or for lack of a better term, “main street”, private financial & accounting experience. So, at this point, he offered me an opportunity of a lifetime which was to work side by side with my old man and to enter the family business.

That was in 2003, approximately 15 years, 6 books (either new or revisions), and one hell of an economic correction ago. Fast forward to 2018 and yes, finally (or as the old saying goes, better late than never), we have evolved into integrating with the digital world and developing our first real website – – that furthers our core mission which has been and will always remain the same – That is to:

Translate Complex Financial and Accounting Topics & Concepts into Simple & Easy to Use Business Tools Everyone can Understand and Apply to Improve Your Business Management Skills

As we enhance and grow the website over the coming years and expand our blogs (presented under our Tips & Tidbits page), we will not only be providing invaluable information, tips, strategies, and concepts at the individual business operating level (i.e., micro-economics) but just as importantly, we will be incorporating discussions, concepts, and observations about macro-economic events and how these may impact your business (and how to plan accordingly).

It goes without saying that the last ten years have been nothing short of stunning in terms of changes in global economic activity & capital markets, from the depths of despair in 2009 to the peaks of optimism that are present today. So, with this said, it only makes sense for our second blog to address the current macro-economic environment and just how important it is for you to understand and prepare for a global economic environment that is truly in uncharted water!

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